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杭州盛捷国际办公中心服务公寓 | 都市精睿生活的全新畅想

——SOMERSET IOC HANGZHOU | A New Vision of Urban Elites’ Lifest

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ASCOTT is the world's famous international serviced residence owner and operator. Leading the trends and extracting local features constitute the principles guiding the highly-synergized cooperation between 31 Design and ASCOTT. Located on the bank of the Qiantang River and overlooking the river landscapes, the project is an important part of Hangzhou International Office Center, a large landmark complex soon to be completed.



Following the core philosophy featuring warmth and harmony of SOMERSET brand under ASCOTT,

designers are committed, by working hard on Hangzhou, a picturesque city, to tap into its unique aesthetic quality and cultural legacy with a focus on modern context and sustainability, and breathing into the space an artistic conception of Oriental white space and a touching spirit of elegance, to the building of a homely, comfortable housing for global elites. The simple, natural and smooth design will arouse in residents an endless imagination of a pleasant life, and set up a new and forward-looking standard for high-end long-term rental apartment.



Peace of mind, in place of ostentation



In Hangzhou, every scenic spot has a story behind it amidst a strong humanistic atmosphere, which underpins the city’s prosperity with a poetic and profound quality. “In sunny day there are the ripples dancing on the lake, while in rain the mountains look more attractive.” Such lines, echoing throughout the time-space, sparks a love for nature in such an elegant and harmonious landscape, enable visitors to forget about the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the peace of mind.



SOMERSET, located in the emerging core district, is a project fully reflecting urban elites’ aesthetic taste, personality and artistic interest, integrating Chinese artistic conception into metropolitan space, creating a platform for citizens to unwind, and revealing the true meaning of life.



Interior design focuses on human experience, with a well-designed layout to tap the full spatial potential for a maximized function. The open communication area, by creating a transparent connectivity among the components, adds to the dimensions of the site. As a warm grey dominates the overall space, an ethereal mood is created by the sunlight coming through the soft veil. Exquisite detail design reveals a distinguished quality, conveying a sense of freedom typical of a cozy residence.



White space, for appeal beyond charm



Chinese tradition esthetics holds it that beauty lies not in objects or landscape, but in imagery, as is echoed by the verse “great music depends on no voice while a great view needs no forms”. The design, inspired by the basic principles of eastern philosophy, presents a good narrative of white space. With a focus on the essence, and giving full play to craftsmanship, the creative idea is endowed with a profound ethos, enabling dwellers to bathe in a poetic mood while admiring the beauty of logic and structure.



Simple stones, warm wood grains and the white texture of the fiber wall fabric keep the tone soft, underscoring the transparency of the space, and creating an implicit and nihilistic visual effect. With an attention paid to environment protection in choice of materials and accessories, a subtle balance is maintained between gravity and lightness, evocative of a low-key charm and endless aftertaste of the environment.



“All the blank spaces are attractions.” The art of white space not only sparks a viewer’s imagination, but allows dwellers to develop their own views on life. In line with the special functions of long-term serviced residence, spacious tailor-made storage space is designed for permanent residents in a harmonious and elegant background created with lines and color system. Residents from across the world can bring articles as they wish, which will weave into unique emotions and stories over time, thus turning it into another homely residence outside their hometown.



A place to call Home, wherever you may be


For designers, SOMERSET is more a buffer between the outside world and one’s inner experience, than a refined aesthetic space. Equipped with a high-quality kitchen and fashionable home entertainment facilities, it supports all kinds of activities. Here you will find a balance well struck among gathering, leisure and business activities. After a day of efficient work, it is indeed a perfect place for you to invite friends to enjoy the views and have a good time.



“As the wind abates in the late night, the bright moon sheds her light upon the crystal green river water.”Global elites from all walks of life who are making remarkable contributions can surely feel at home in these smart apartments. When the street lamps light up the evening, they can free themselves from worries, relax totally to become part of the nature, liberate their mind from troubles, and enjoy the best things our life can offer.















Project Overview

Project name: Somerset IOC Hangzhou

Client: Zhong An Group

Management: ASCOTT

Design studio: Shenzhen TRINITY Interior Design

Chief Designer: Huang Tao, Li Zhihong

Photo Credit: Yan Ming

Business: Interior design

Type: Hospitality

Location: Hangzhou, China

Area: 28,060 square meter

Design date: May 2017

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